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Our accounting office in Germany offers its services to Clients who are considering starting their business on the German market and are not well acquainted with corporate law or do not know how to operate a company in Germany. We help all entrepreneurs who want to run business on the German market to identify a niche, and we are eager to render assistance with legal proceedings (including incorporating a company in Germany), with understanding German law as well as with accounting and bookkeeping.

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Our activity on the German market is directed towards institutional clients, i.e. those who are already operating on the German market and those who are just about to commence business and do not know or have little idea about the corporate law.

We help entrepreneurs to identify a niche on the German market, and we may assist in legal proceedings or help in understanding German law as well as in accounting and bookkeeping. Another type of Client we cooperate with is an individual customer who works in Germany. Such a Client often proves to be confused, does not know the law and realities of life in Germany, sometimes even the German language. We have been present on the German market for more than 10 years. We employ qualified staff in our two offices in Poland as well as in Berlin.

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  • - low prices

    - wide range of services

    - multi-language support

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In cooperation with an experienced tax advisor and attorney at law we offer our help in choosing a form of taxation for your company in Germany. The choice of the form of taxation is primarily related to the legal form of the business activity. Sole proprietorship is taxed differently, so are limited liability companies or joint-stock companies. In addition to income taxes, companies are often VAT payers. Many companies operate in the construction industry. These companies must remember that in Germany there is a 15% tax on construction services (Freistellung). We assist in all tax settlements for construction companies operating in Germany.

Our offer includes:

- tax returns and settlements

- settlements with Finanzamt (monthly / annually / quarterly) and BWA (also remotely – online)

- Freistellung and Steuernummer and tax settlements for construction companies operating in Germany

- opening companies in Germany (Gewerbeanmeldung / colloquially “Gewerbe”) also without being registered as a resident in Germany

- submitting applications for unemployment benefits, including filling out EKS

- help in setting up a bank account

If you work in Germany and have a child, you are entitled to Kindergeld benefit. Remember that in case of receiving family benefits in your country of origin, the German Children's Office may reduce your Kindergeld benefit. You should also remember that you have to inform the relevant office about the fact that you are not receiving the benefit in your county.

As a part of our services, we can take care of your tax refund. If you have worked in Germany and have a family in other member state, you are entitled to a tax refund. We will fill all forms you need to apply for your tax refund.

Anyone who has worked in Germany and had “Lohnsteuer” income tax deducted can apply for a refund of overpaid tax. The settlement with the tax authority may be made up to 4 years back, for example: in year 2019 we have the right to settle taxes back up to 2015.

As a taxpayer, we are generally not obliged to file a tax return unless we meet at least one of the following criteria:

- the taxpayer has been assigned to a third or fifth tax class - Steuerklasse 3 or 5

- the taxpayer has registered a business activity in Germany ('Gewerbe')

- pensioners if exceeds the tax-free amount

- the taxpayer receives benefits in Germany if exceeds the tax-free amount

An employer operating in Germany must register employees in the German health insurance institution. Due to such registration you will be able to use free health care in Germany, including complex procedures that may not be reimbursed in your country. With German insurance, you gain rights to the German pension fund and social security system, which are considered to be the best in the world.

Today you can get most of matters arranged using electronic services. While being employed, one receives remuneration for her/his work. Usually, the remuneration is transferred to the employee’s bank account. But what if you do not have an account? What if you don't know the language well enough to open a bank account? We offer our help in setting up a bank account. We will choose the right account and fill in the forms.


The obligation to settle taxes applies to employees with tax classes 3 and 5 as well as to employees working for two employers at the same time. Persons registered as Gewerbe must settle their tax liabilities even in the case of a zero income.
Yes, 'Krankenversicherung' insurance is required. Persons registered for a stay in Germany must have the German insurance, however, persons without registration in Germany may be insured in their country.
The cost starts at about 850 € per month including social security and sickness insurance (Krankenversicherung), however, contributions are not mandatory in case of Gewerbe. Please remember that if you choose not to pay, years of work will not count.
Yes, Gewerbe is nothing more than a sole proprietorship, with a possibility of hiring employees.
Yes, a EU based business operator carring out orders in Germany must submit a VAT declaration and remit VAT with regard to all invoices issued in Germany however, this applies when invoicing individuals private and non-construction companies in which vat is paid by the client
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